closing down

sorry, this blog will be close down for quite a while.
i really can't spare any time to manage it.
so, i will not post any new post after this, not until the holiday.
though, i will try to post up something at


FINALLY have some free time ^^

Phew! I have been so busy during the CNY. ( too many relatives to visit, even 2morow i have to visit the last one ).

And now i'm finally have some free time to blog^^

Nothing special for my CNY. Juz got "ANGPAU" from aunts and uncles, eat a lot, go for cinema with cousins like the past. But i'm really happy with it because i dun have to school^^wakaka

my birthday 2day^^ receive presents from cousins. a jacket, a t-shirt and a wallet.=)
never invite any frens to my house because it's too small to squeeze in :-(
birthday cake was nice and the food as well.
it has been a long time i never celebrate my birthday with family, very happy indeed.
still feelin full, ate a lot juz now.
hope u all can eat that full like me^^