WTH! How about my SPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new school, new rules,
n i found.........
teacher never teach us SPM subjects, only UEC!!!!
the teacher lied to me,
now, i have to study for SPM myself, it's too bad!

hostel's toilet was so...........
the students was so ...........
teachers was so .................
i m so ...................................

no standard

until here today, my mind was so empty
nid some rest

*y i'm letting go?


I'm miss you all sOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

I'm quite good in hostel,
study+chess+eat+read+sleep=my life =.=
boring is it?
but i fit into it perfectly

7-9pm is the time we study n doing homework
so u all can call/sms me b4 7pm n after 9pm (9-10pm)

something i muz say=.=
some of the students who livin in hostel are really "funny"
eg: 1) they play firecracker at night =.= ( idiot n childish ,they are )
2) have steambot in room =.= ( wtf!! this make skul confiscate all sockets n now we can't charge the battery of hp !!!)
3)a lot more............

next next next week is chinese new year holiday le, so happy ^^!!!


everything done^^

I have everything done now ^^
Went to saloon this afternoon, then pack all the things I need in hostel, went to market n bought some stationary, the last thing to do now is to wait until 2morow evening...
I will move into hostel and start my "new life" T.T

Hope "Prison Break" doesn't happen in my school =P
( I will make sure I'm not the actor )


lotsa stuff

Lol, got a new spec 2day, thankyou mummie! muacx!!

Love rope skipping recently. ( I WANNA GROW TALLER!!! >.< )
I'm so short when standing beside all those old frenz. T.T
I do hundred of times one day. >.< so damn tired

Start reading text books lately.
Scared cannot follow the course. >.<
N I found......
Geography in chinese was full with words whole book. Fainted @@
So I juz read a few pages then fell in sleep.
It really hypnotize me.
Chinese, commercial, history are a lot better.
At least i nvr sleep after reading it =.=

2morow will do lotsa stuff
have a hair cut ,packing all my stuff (goin hostel on sunday),check out market c if somethin i need for school...

school's starting n chinese new year coming soon XD ( so fast there's a holiday )
I'm ready for ANGPAU XD
And I will not be able to blog too often, most probaly once a week.
So muz miss me ya!