Happy New Year

Today's the last day of 2008, a special year for me.
I got 2 exam this year which are UEC & PMR.
I might not get a very good result but I'm sastified with it. ( Although I know I can do better )
There are so much things happened in this year.

1) "Produce" a SUPER chinese checker >.<
[ I'm half of his teacher but now he is a lot better than me =.= ]

2)I'm started to blog
[ I'm doin this because I wanna stay in touch wif old frens after changing skul ]

3)Started to have tuition
[ which I never did before, just to improve my Math. And I get A in PMR but still getting a B in UEC >.<]

4)Can't PLAY GAMES!!!
[ dunno what happened to my computer, when I play games, it will turn off automatically. T.T ]

[ A lot more XD ]

There are somethings I'm going to do next year:
1)Keep playing harmonica.
2)Save money to buy a camera.
3)Starting to plan about establish harmonica society in my new school.
4)Save money to buy a new phone.
5)Study hard of course.

Hope all the things I've planned will be done next year.

Happy New Year!! Happy 2009 to everyone!!


got the result 2day^^
i think it's gud for me although my mom wants me to get more a's =.=
din c anyone crying in school after getting result =P
most of em smile =)

watched Beverly Hill's Chihuahua wif my frens 2day.
it was quite funny and "touching". ( shall i describe wif this word? )
next year cannot c them 2 often dy T.T
[ met lim xin yee in TS 2day XD ]

came back home about 8pm
haved dinner n then type this blog.
ntg much to say, juz to tell my result in this post^^


PMR result coming soon >.<

pmr result coming out on tuesday. i'm feeling nervous. ><
i dun expect much, 5a's is enough for me^^
going cinema wif fren tat day, if i get bad result, then i'll reagard it as a consolation, if i get good result, then it'll be my reward^^
so, no matter what's my result, i'll go to cinema! wakaka!
by the way, how many A's u guys expect in ur pmr?


New school, I'm comin!

well, not much i can do on my com, no games, no movie......
so, i choose to blog =)
i'm goin to move to school's hostel on next Sunday. how would it be? i dunno. but i'm sure i can suit myself into hostel's life.
i got so much things to do when school start. choose a society, learn new school's rules, get new friends, and blah blah......panic ><
i can only come back home on Saturday and get back to hostel the next day T.T
so, not much time for me to use computer, can only bloggin once a week. how cruel it is ><

this my first blog on blogspot, i got another blog on wretch:
come visit me ^^